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welcome to

Samad Al Iraqi Group

From the depth of the past to the current present,

From the charm of the One Thousand and One Night Stories, we extend our magical charm where the Iraqi taste combines the joy of imagination,

blended with the scent of the past and the joy of the present.

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Maskouf Corner

An Iraqi ancient method used for
grilling fish that its historical
roots owes back to the Sumerian
and Babylonian ages.

Our Chef

our chef

Our best professional chef

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Do you love traditional arabic food

Try our special maskouf fish...

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For long, the Iraqi land has earned fame for its fertility and water, which qualified it to be the cradle of the earliest civilizations in the world.

In the Islamic era, it was given the name of the Black Land for its green soils, its intermingling palms and for the great number of trees and plantations, that whoever looks at it would think it is a black land.

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